Incubating a Loving Heart, Here and Now—Pre-Race Notes

Sun rises
To incubate another day
To greet
Slough through
Move with smiles—
Which cocktail do I mix?

One week left until
My second half marathon, in Dallas
And I have to say
My body feels tired
My mind besotted, unclear.

I pray for the
Strength to return to me
When I call upon my muscles.

For an inspired push
Of consistent training to kick in
From start to finish
Allowing me to clip
A respectable pace
While remaining injury free
And able to breathe out
The 13.1 mile distance.

For a limber spirit
Loving and open
To soften my landings
So there’s ample room
For me to be present
To enjoy the excitement of
A cheering crowd, a new cityscape,
Street high-five contact
With kind strangers,
Colorful signage,
If I am able to catch any,
And then crossing the finish line,
At last.

The finish line—
I want to pass through in style
So badly
The culmination of training
Of payimg homage to the process
And the person running
Has helped me become,
Whatever my time is

For an absence of negativity
Encroaching into this clean
Welcoming space,
Ruining my “high”
Attempting to diminish
My accomplishments.

I need these alterations
Made on my insides
Good and fast.
I need a yank out of
Any hanging frayed threads
Tickling my joints
Making me scratch my wounds,
Fearful raw
A restitch patching me up
Whole for the next few heart miles.

I desire these things,
The short haul—
All I can think about for now
And will allow the long one
To wait
The shape and texture
To Morph into
Redefinitions, later,
Post race and travel.



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