Sidestepping the Kondo Lifestyle—Shopping Captivates

Acquiring crisp new clothes
To greet each year’s season,
Additional sparkly jewelry,
Fresh shiny pairs of high boots,
Clear bulbous wine glasses—
Truly captivates.

Consumption with the good intention
To have more “fun”
While enhancing quality of life
For others, after all,
Not just for yourself,
Is sufficient reason
To buy more stuff, isn’t it?

I mean there is ample reason
To smile at the register
While a cashier rings up
Your purchases—
Wraps lingerie, fragrant and soft
Or a bright teapot
Promising high and low sipping,
With crinkly tissue paper
Before carefully placing your items
In a glossy branded tote bag
An undertaking which feels and tastes
Suspiciously like success

Acquisition of flounce—
A ridiculously entertaining pastime,
An addiction based on
Sheer exhilaration
An undeniable “high”
Gained from searching for,
Trying on, contemplating
“Which one should I get—
Which one do I ‘need’?”

And also allows for a few solid hours
Of distraction from
Any overwhelming dullness
Abundant in ordinary life,
From pressing worries
Or pending troubles
Teetering on driving you crazy—

Regardless of having little idea
Where or if the items
Even fit
In your already-crammed house,
Jewelry box, closet,
Or garage, for that matter,
Those experiences
Are worth something too,
Aren’t they?

I long for an
Organized and streamlined
“Kondo-esque” lifestyle
Stark in its convoluted simplicity
Of elaborate underwear, shirt
And sock folding—
A movement which says
Own only those things
Which, upon touching,
“Sparks joy within you.”

But that level of purging
Takes long term
Individual and family commitment
To avoid purchasing
Any and all new
“Joyless” things, first and foremost.

That change requires
A significant philosophical shift
Which hasn’t happened yet.

For better or worse,
We all rather like
Buying new things
Even though, rationally, we know
The excitement of acquiring
Quickly wears off and
The item itself
Becomes meaningless
And largely unused.

Thus, like a high percentage
Of US Americans,
We even have a storage unit
To house our habits.


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