Bewilderment: The Sudden Death of Relationship Endings

Mid winter creeps on.
Disrupted time undulating underneath
Tumultuous waves of panic,

Makes for a slippery Mid February
Chafing between my fingers
Impossible to hold
Old, worn things down
Into their established
Patterned definitions.

When will I ever hear from
Or lay eyes upon you again?

Maybe never.

This potential reality
That grows more true
With each passing day,
Has to be ok.

Three and a half years
Fall away so easily
An angry horseflied
Flick of the wrist.
Rock canyons echo my own thoughts
Resounding in silence
With no feedback.

Fossilized marks blow away,
Leaving visible nonexistence,
Inaudible cadence.

Wind’s gust
The hollow brand of a
New nothingness from flames
Lacking oxygen
Stifles but does not quite extinguish
Struggling initiatives
To keep going,
To move on from this
That was my life, my future.

Finite and oblong,
Where does the
Bewildering bag of mixed feelings
Get stashed after all
Is said and done?

In the heart’s attic, I guess,
Along with all the other
Unresolved, undiluted and
Insoluble memoried cobwebs
Stored there
Gathering dust and mold,
Always present,
Even when left there
In dark, unhandled recesses.



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