Blink: Diaphragmatic Breathing to the Rescue

Now and then someone enters
And exits your life briefly.

An explosive bang
In one blink
Causes a sour shrapnel
Angry, “forever” kind of parting.

Nothing more possible,
Nothing more desired either
Making for superficial cuts,
Though the sting still hurts.

Believe it or not,
An unsatisfactory social run-in
Can be something
For which to be grateful.

Stepping away from my own
Gale force righteousness
And rising panic
Unreasonable misery,
I know I want to stop
Picking at what is
A dead carcass anyway to
Feel more peace inside.

I am forced to turn
To things already known,
Easily forgotten,
Seldom practiced but
Highly beneficial.

Diaphragmatic breathing:
Inhale and count.
Exhale for twice as long
By doubling the first number reached
For just 10 breaths,
Amazingly difficult
For the mind to execute
Fully focused without wandering.

I disengage with breathing.
Accept what is
And am appreciative of the person
For providing an experience
That reminded me to utilize
A mentally and physically
Healthy, cost-free practice
I needed to be doing
More often anyway.



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