Foo Fighters—Evoking And Untanging

Sitting alone
Evening slump
The end of the day
Shadows of doubt stretch out long
A vast unlimited, well worn eternity.
The red wine whirlpool in my glass,
Empty, I’ve had enough
And don’t need to be
Going back there.

I know my own projects
Could be worthwhile avenues
To pursue right about now
But instead, I’m stuck
To screens wondering about

Certain music listening and singing
Helps dull the ache.
Lyrics and strange melody
Touch upon inner strings,
Broken and rough to pluck
Evoking emotion’s twangy
In full spectrum beyond daily
Recognition and comprehension.

I discover a documentary about
The Foo Fighters, “Back and Forth”,
And watch, absorbed,
To relieve my dark focus—
An inflated raft lifting and
Untangling me from
The flora tentacles at the bottom
Of my own Sargasso Sea.

I follow the band’s development
And progress in the documentary
And am thrilled to lose myself
For a little while,
To close the door of despair
And look outward,
As I find I am able to
Sing along with many clips—
The one type of losing
I actually like and
Am grateful to experience,
Every now and then.

I have difficulty
Falling asleep afterwards
But the glowing screen time
Was worth the trouble, in the end.



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