Jolly “Blind Date”—Have You Done That Ever?

Unusual chance night out—
“Arm candy” for a tall,
Lonely earnest type
Needing someone to bring to
His company’s holiday party.

Taking a random stab in the dark—
Opportunity arising from
Coincidental timing and
Lucky location proximity,
I said “yes,” to meeting
With an explicit understanding
No strings, no contact afterwards
And no questions
About my life,

To encounter each other
For the first time 15 minutes
Before the dinner, 2 blocks from
A swanky downtown
Brazilian steakhouse.

I’ve never played a
Pretty companion role before
Where my presence served as a
A social “credit” to a man
Nor have I been to many company
Holiday parties in my life
For that matter—
Two outfits I wanted to try on
For size,
Just to feel the fabric
Against my parched skin.

One night
One finite interaction
With someone I’d never
Otherwise know and most likely
Have little in common with
On any daily basis—
What’s the harm?

Warm smoker’s breath
Whispering in my ear,
“You are so beautiful” as

Minutes become defined by his
Leaning in towards me
Arm across my chair back,
Gently caressing my shoulder
With a light hand.

Seconds become punctured
By his lingering gazes
Into my eyes
Screaming with longing…

I know I am unable
To reach from inside
My dried, overstretched soul
To give what this person
Actually wants—
Finding the last new person
To kiss for a lifetime…

But under soft light
While sampling various
Oozing medium rare meats
Carved at the table and
Drinking wine together,
I smile with genuine warmth
At such a kind man
Whose life I’ve briefly
Stepped into and
Who I want to provide
Good company for
While doing my part
To make him look good
To his co-workers tonight.

I listen to strangers
I will never see again,
Act jolly and
Interested in everyone
By laughing at their jokes
While my heart aches
And allow him to
Pull my chair closer to his…

He knew I offered
No promises or anything else
Beyond this event.

He dropped me off close to my home.
That was all
And it.



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