Snippet of a Day In Life—For Better or Worse…

Change harkens
Cloud fluff moving
Imminently filling the skyline.
Puffs of exhale of what was.
The costs of doing nothing
The safety
The death in comfort

Anyway, snippet—
A good day, right now…

I wake up early, rested,
Before the sun rises.
The house inside
The streets outside
Quiet, empty and waiting for me.

My beautiful morning routine—
Two rounds of lattes
My almighty, life giving
Espresso machine
Accompanied with protein cookies,
A light breaking of fast.

While sipping and nibbling
Under soft light,
I’m inspired to overturn
A brain reflection,
A mental pane catching glints,
Taking form
Through a writing prompt…
Depending upon the day,
I also may take a few minutes
To call my aging,
Generally healthy parents
To check in.
I rarely have lengthy or
Particularly meaningful
Conversations with them
But they still expect
And love hearing from me.

Body movement follows—
Whether I lace up and
Delve into my Spotify playlist
To run the park,
Dive into the pool for
A mind calming swim and
Whole body workout or
Use my muscles slowly and carefully
While pumping iron and
Exercising my core—
My body and mind need and
Thank me for
This physical exertion.

Real hunger strikes
After these efforts so
I eat what hobbits refer to
As a “second breakfast”
A more substantial nosh
Involving items such as
Buttered toast with jam,
Eggs scrambled with spinach
And cheese along with
Another round of lattes.

By now, sunshine
Bursts with full strength—
The remainder of
The perfect day
Can ride multiple prongs—
The weather’s warmth beckons
A walk with a friend
Or a jaunt downtown to
The art museum or library
To poke around and be
Visually stimulated
In peaceful leisure.

Sometimes there are fun,
Entertaining and engaging
Work events to execute.
Smiling on the outside
Helps turn my
Internal corners upward too.

Part of the day might involve
Staying in—
Involving free flowing love making—
Lengthy and intense with feelings
Steeped fully in
The present moment’s joy
And affirmation of life—
Where hours slip away—
Delicate silk
Passing over fingertips in
Translucent coolness and lightness. The exquisite jaw line
Sloping into eternity
The curve of spine
Sloping down into evermore.

Afterwards, getting dressed,
There may be another
Smaller meal taken together,
Or not, while sipping hot tea,
Watching a movie,
Or going a scheduled facial,
Every now and then.

I come home to my own
Small, simple place
Made from expert brick laying,
Older growth wood, wood floors
And piping steam based heat
To cozy up the house
With warmth like
No other method can.

Later afternoon calls for a quiet,
No fuss happy hour
Where I pull down
One generous wine glass
From the shelf
To consider imminent dusk
And dinner time possibilities
Before older children return home.
I check mail and email
And maybe work on a jig saw puzzle
While dinner cooks.
I swirl a glass of
Red wine spiked with cognac
In my hand, delighting in
Deep red whirlpools
Swishing up the sides.

I prepare modest meals these days
That involve less fuss
And planning than in years past.
I may make brown rice,
Turkey burgers and
Carrot sticks (if that) and
Call it “good”
While listening to the news,
Trying not to frown
Or cringe the whole way.

During dinner, we engage in
Quiet conversation.
We are a house of introverts
Comfortable with silence
And long pauses
Between communications.

Special beings
Who are mostly already
Their best selves,
I try to listen intently
To what the kids want to tell me.
I see them as
Precious family and society members
And genuinely want
To hear what their thoughts
And perspectives are,
Not try to change them into
Something other than they are. Mostly, I admire
And rely on their insights.

A square of 85% cocoa chocolate
Marks the end of dinner,
The last eating event of the night.
Sometimes after dinner
The kids have played music
On the piano, though not lately,
To come to think of it…

After that short coming together,
Evenings wind down quickly
With some housework like dishes
And laundry to do,
But not too many chores,
Before I get into
A clean, already made bed
With a good book in hand.
I may also contact friends
Or apply for gigs
But mostly, I’m relaxing,
Winding down for
An earlier bedtime.

I am tired, feel satisfied,
Gratitude for being alive today
And tomorrow and
Fall asleep hard and easily.



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