“Beautiful Veins and Bloodshot Eyes”—The Patina of Else.

Delicately crafted patchwork
Expects nothing.
Morally bankrupt,
Physically fine tuned,
Just wondering.

I have to offer
Only a sense of humor,
A brilliant patina smile
And a well trained
Listening ear to keep you
Decent company, now and then.

You have your life
Well enough together,
A full life, preferably.
Thus, you will not ask
Too much from me,
Though you will be interested
In getting to know me
As an intricate person.

Above all, I seek someone
Who possesses emotional,
Even handed maturity.

You shape your gritty personality
With backbone and
Appropriate boundaries with people
But have emotional generosity
Sprinkled with kindness.

I possess cultural capital,
An active interest in the arts
And know something about
Food and wine.
I am sufficiently well read
And am always trying
To learn new things.

While travel would be nice,
I believe in being
A tourist within my own city,
For now.

I make an effort to
Participate in athletic events,
Attend art openings/exhibits,
Get dressed with at least some
Fashion and sparkle, most days,
And work out 7 days a week.

I love to make you laugh,
If I can.

I also have rock hard abs and buns,
But am not offering up
Those at this time…



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