Clutching to Things Loved—The Art of Looking Forward

Reading about what
Other people look forward to—
And makes me smile
Especially when lists go beyond
The usual and expected
Things and rituals
We lovingly clutch—

Like strong hot morning coffee
(Definitely relatable)
Or getting into a warm bed
With fresh sheets (also true)

And extend to things like
Having a weekly
Horseback riding lesson
(Yay, good for you..
I need to get myself there toooo)

Making a familiar,
Tried and true favorite recipe
(Refreshing to see because
Most published lists
Mention trying out
Brand new recipes.
While trying new cooking
Is worthwhile,
There’s comfort in
Revisiting and remaking
An “oldie but goodie.”)

Keeping a list of release dates
For upcoming interesting
Movies to see
(I’ve never done that and
Miss many movies because
I didn’t get around to seeing them
and then forget about them)

Now, here’s a few of my own:

– Unwrapping and putting out
A new, large cake of
Lightly scented soap that
Smells of fresh and
Promising new beginnings

– “Lacing up” which
Begins my “getting it done”
Routine stretches
Followed by a morning run
(Oddly, I feel a degree of
Masculinity coursing through me
As an expression of increasing
Strength and good health)

– Remembering and then adding
Songs to my ever growing
Spotify running playlist—
Currently 403 songs

– A clean, empty kitchen sink
Free of any used glasses,
Stemware, silverware or plates
(I feel “together” and
More successful when I see
Uninterrupted stainless steel
Gleaming up at me)

– Flexible mental muscles
To develop my personal
Written Word
(In the form of regular,
Witty and unique texts
I create that I know
Make friends laugh,
Or life expression elaborated
Through writing prompts)

– Walking to get where
I need to be
Be it the bus stop,
The gym, shopping or
To get downtown—
There is something peaceful
Found in that slower pace
During which geese floating
On the park’s still lake
Beneath an emerging sunrise
Poking through lush clouds
Can be noted and appreciated.



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