Unmasking Favors For Mercy—Sexuality Reconsidered

Gaping, oozing.
Gauze to dab and absorb
Putrid pus,
Scarring and puffy stiffness,
A degree of
Hardening over
In the aftermath.

“I want to be
A source of peace for you,”
You tell me.

The ridiculous nature
Of that comment
Made me laugh.

Joint participation
Life elaboration,
Calm, relaxing serenity?

My strong suspicion is that
Peace giving has never been
A regular gift
You’ve bestowed upon anyone
Including yourself…

Hovering over me
Raw desire
Crackling sparks
Burning skin and hair
At the edges of
Consensual violence
You hold me down tightly
Arms pinned over my head
Unmasking favors
For mercy.
Lost in brambled wilderness,
Grabbing for rooted tree trunks
As I fly by,
Limbs flailing,
I can’t move.
There is
Nowhere to go anyway.

My body
So firm and developed with
Tense, rigid motions
Becomes an open sea under you
Flowing a salted essence
In our togetherness
Carving rocked canyon passageways
In foamy roaring rush.

Under paddles of
An ever turning fan,
I forget about
All our mixed blessings—
Fulfilled emotion
Delayed longing
Twisted fury amid
Bankruptcy of past choices
Enough to impoverish
An entire continent
Between the two of us.

All this
Becomes a trickle
Through misshapen deserts
Ebbing to a half halt
Into watery finger tips
Creeping up flat smooth shores.

Time and place cease.



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