Disastrous Openings–Day 27 of Getting Dressed

IMG_4008I awoke feeling unwell
A summer cold coming on
An emotional gratitude rift.

Lost fog clouds my way.
Disastrous onset
Heavy, unable to shake.

A wish to reach for
Expired medications
Dusty pills in cabinets
Beckon for obliteration
Less capacity to feel.

Following recommendations of articles
On how to get “happy fast,”
I’ve immersed myself
In a good read,
Went running,
Pulled weeds…

So now what?

I had a novel insight–

If I had more money,
Had less body fat,
Were more ripped,
Traveled more,
Ate more gorgeous dishes,
Weighed less,
Had fewer things break,
Had clearer skin,
Were more popular…

Demons would still
Penetrate through
The membrane of
my well being.

Imbalance in physiology
May be my worst enemy
Not carbs.

Everyone’s got to do
What she needs to do
And then wait for
This miserable opening
To close.



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