Eccentric Introvert’s Sunny Side Up

Celebration of
Daughter’s Red Cross Youth Advisory
Volunteer of the Year award
Ceremony has ended.
Home now,
Dusky hues
Still light out,
Land me into bed.

Great moments punctured by
Underwhelming food like
Quinoa encrusted mushrooms,
Over cooked vegetables and
Wilted field greens.

Rising with dawn
Moving with sunny sides up,
Gardening/weeding, running,
Working out, laundry and
Cleaning house just a bit
Plus a facial to boot
Before the dinner,
My day feels about done
Regardless of the actual early hour.

Early slide-ins
With the sheets
Lights off listening to
Old time radio
Theater of the mind.
I’m so eccentric
I know it.
What are you going to do.
There’s no one else like me.
I know that too
And am still here.



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