Remembering the Good–The Loop of My Mind. Day 26 of Getting Dressed


Sunshine through slats
Stripe cityscaped afternoon heat.
Fan paddles pulse overhead
Giving breeze to your bed.

“Let’s go to Dolls & Miniatures”
You suggest.

Today’s not for viewing
Opulent bygone life
Distantly behind glass
Where time stretches back–
Pulled over Victorian footsteps
Passing through a summer’s residence.

Instead, time was made
For minutes soaked in absorption
Slipping away unnoticed
Within bone and flesh melding–
For consuming muscle
And fascia entanglements,
Heady Frontal lobe entwinements
Drenched in audacious proximity,
Front and center.

I consider you carefully–
Masculinity emerging from flames–
I peel back cobwebbed habits
To free you from sticky pressure
That, in the past,
Has left you weakened
And bogged down.
I prove able to coax
Pleasure out from within you–
Raging fire
Roaring up high
Burning my flesh.

Afterwards, I’m left grateful
For gasping lungs with which
To breathe you in
As I lie quiet and still
Behind you–
For language with which
To piece together
The unfolding magnificence
Of our dynamic.

Remembering, I see you–
Frames looping back within my mind
Marveling at your hairless back
Enclosed within my arms
Reliving your spine’s ride
Up and over thoracic curvature to
Slope down to lumbar
Then to dip into sacrum depths.

Holding onto that day,
I wonder if I’ll ever be
The same person again.
This emergence
From deep nerve endings
Has altered me permanently.

Maybe I really can see
Holding you forever.

I don’t know how,
I confess.
My vision about
Exactly how to extend afternoons
Into a lifetime
Remain clouded,

I’m unsure
When calculating the total
Of our love
If I’ll come out ahead
Or even what the sum will be.

Nevertheless, I still see
Sunrises, coffee,
Holding hands, sunsets,



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