The Innards of Males–Crisp and Cleanly Outlined–Day 24 of Getting Dressed


I miss you and feel our depths.
I hope that
I’m strong enough for you.

Society expects males,
“Masters of the universe”,
To stand tall,
Move through the world
Swiftly with confidence
And decisiveness,
Hunting and killing what they
And their families can eat.

Of course, a great many styles
Flavor the planet.
No two men are the same.
I know this and
Appreciate unique differences
Of tone, hue and line
Found in masculinity.

Yet, I have found
Key similarities exist
Between the males
I’ve held in my arms–
Those whose dreams I’ve listened to,
Whose familial and career choices
I’ve observed,
Desires I’ve tried to fulfill–
Whose undertones of want,
Wish and need
I’ve tried to understand,
Ride and lift.

The deepest innards of males
Can be emotionally needy,
Empty with dehydration
Though most would
Be the last to admit that.
Men I’ve known don’t
Always even realize
How much they desire
To be petted, praised, supported
And taken care of
In almost every sense of meaning.

The multifaceted disguises
Fluid with inconsistent layers
Are real.

After all, men move
Through the world well enough
Designing and negotiating contracts,
Booking flights, paying bills
And generally being very adult,
Living their sociability
Mostly through handshakes, nods
And clipped, covered conversations.

Yet, at home, shoes off, under sheets
Crisp with lavender scent,
A dependency on me,
For me, wafts
And clutches onto
My spirit’s soar
While hanging on
For dear life’s intimacy,
For definition,
For life force’s initiative.

The responsibility for
Shaping, growing and keeping afloat
Masculine happiness
Feels heavy and
Makes me want to die at times–
The weight of which
Keeps me low to the ground
Even as I try to run for takeoff
With the wind in my hair–

Though simultaneously,
I wouldn’t have
Anyone’s heart, mind and body
Any other way.


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