Polishing Life Moments Off by Staying Engaged


Yesterday my day began
With French Press coffee attempts–
How many spoonfuls of
Powdered black gold and
Cups of piping hot water
Do I use
To make the perfect brew–
Very different proportions
Than the almighty espresso machine.

How long do I wait for
Optimal steeping before
Getting morning’s start
To my eager lips?
Inpatient, not long enough
Proves to be too early,
Watery, unsatisfying.

With newly given determination
Sloshing around inside me,
I tackled yard work,
A dreaded drudgery
I wish I enjoyed more.
Crouching low to pull weeds
By the roots,

I used a Round Up applicator tool
To zap unwanted grass,
Clover vines and
Heady broadleaf weeds
Sprouting resolutely everywhere
To thwart reappearance.

Who knows how well my uprooting
And wanding session(s) will work.
Growth wasn’t supposed to
Spring up among xeriscaped rocks
In the first place.
Does anyone else
In the house even care??

Washing my soiled hands,
I worked on a 300 piece puzzle.
Late morning, I snapped
The last piece in and
Called it “done”!

Afternoon opened with
A gym workout followed by
My hungry self making and eating
A large tuna melt
Paired with what is
An unusual wine choice for me–
An Oregon Pinot Noir.

Feeling afternoon lag
Starting to slow me down
To a drained halt,
I grabbed onto
The last bit of life energy
To learn something new–

How to clean crystal jewelry
Whose shine, much to my dismay,
I noticed had begun to dull down
To being just “pretty”
Versus retaining
A blinding brightness.

I used a soft toothbrush
To gently scrub my necklaces,
Earrings and pendants with
Warm soapy water,
Then rinsed and dried
With a soft cloth.

The resulting high polish
And glow
Pleased me greatly!

I definitely recommend
Giving your crystal jewelry pieces
A light once over
Every now and then
To renew their beauty and
To put a smile on your face.

My day winded down
With one last novelty.
Generally not a fan of
Wiling time away
Sitting still
Zoning out in front of the tube,
I watched an absorbing
Sci-fi TV show, “Black Mirror”
Never seen before (by me)
With my teenager,
Who is otherwise
Inclined to be feral.

While certain minutes
Floated by that tasted
Lonely and pointless,
Overall, I consider yesterday
To be a stellar day.


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