“Despicable Me 3” Uniforms and Ice Cream….


Cloud cover tamps heat
Cooler days flanked the weekend–
Friday and today, Monday.

The weekend itself,
Relentlessly sweltering,
Melted the sunblock off my skin
Burning my scalp to tender.

Promoting the upcoming
“Despicable Me 3” movie
at a large urban outdoor festival,
Sweat already rolls down
My back dampening
My required uniform
Of branded Tee and long pants
At 10 am.
Eleven more hours to go.
No tent or trees for shade,
We stand on pavement
That’s starting to bake.

“Such a cool shirt you’re wearing.
Where can I get one?”
Teen girls in short denim cutoffs
Ask me.

She and her girlfriend are
Mid way through what look like were
Fabulous waffle cones.
I glance longingly.
Cool sweet cream
Moistening my lips
Sliding down my desert throat.

Last week, we took our
Visiting cousins for ice cream
At a local favorite’s shop
Where their small
And somewhat picky eating mouths
Gobbled down entire
Handmade waffle cones
Covered with chocolate and nuts
Filled high with cookies and cream.
I watched and eyed
Their pleasure with pleasure.

Well today,
Neither working
Nor entertaining others,
I indulged in the sweet treat too
Just for me, by myself.

I stopped short of
Eating directly out of the tub
(I’ve come to know that
That is not a recommended practice–
Who’s to know how much
One consumes and
Oh, ice cream goes down easy!)

But sat and ate rather close by
Spooning frosty gooey
Caramel swirled vanilla
Imparted with toffee
Heath bar crunchies along the way,

One bite after another
Trying to slow this cone-less,
Rich brain and body
Sugar spike down,
I tried to lick the ice cream
Off my spoon instead just
Biting and swallowing.
I ate too fast and
Too much anyway.

Oh well.
I may partake in
A major summertime joy
Once in awhile.


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