What is Your Portion Size for Happiness?

What is my own portion
Of finding and maintaining
Peace and happiness
In life?

I fight to keep moving through
Anxiety and self doubt
Pulsing through me
Painfully neon electric,
Curdling, sapping,
Crippling at times.

Today, I am able to select
A shared small plate of
Just two delights
So here goes:

(1) Falling asleep–
Most of the time,
Including last night,
I fall asleep quickly.
I don’t spend much time
Laying in bed awake
Rehashing the day or
Creating more worry.

Once down, I also remain asleep
Until early morning.
I have very few sleepless
Tossing and turning episodes
Where dark monotony
Drones on with
Unwelcome timelessness.

(2) Cool late spring air–
Early mornings before the sun
Spreads out full power,
Undiluted by any cloud cover to
Bake the pavement and plants
For hours–
The air is almost cold here.

I keep the windows open wide
To try to capture this
Light “frost” before
Sealing up the house tight
In attempts to keep things
Cool during the
Hotter parts of the day.

Walking home late yesterday
From light rail,
Night air also bathed me
In understated comfort.

As summer progresses,
This coolness will disappear
Even at night and early mornings
So I’m enjoying while I can.

I wish I could tell you that
My plate was an oblong platter
Piled high with
Sustaining nutrients to
Fuel my day with
Genuine easy smiles
And soothing light

But it’s just not
At the moment,
So that is all.



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