Finding Balance–Living Cleaner While Still Allowing a DNA Existence


Follow my heart’s desire?

Lately I yearn, more than ever,
To live in a neater, cleaner
And less cluttered house.

But how?

I love the satisfaction
And resulting peace of
Cleaning up
But hate the pain of
Getting started to make changes
In the first place,

Of having to stretch to adopt
Different habits and
Developing an “eye” and
Intention for picking up,
Wiping down and
Putting away to try to maintain
A new, less college-aged
Standard of chaotic living–
I’m like in my mid 40’s and all…

Anyway, to further these ends,
I’ve been researching ways
To motivate myself to progress
Because, well, otherwise,

I’d rather be writing you,
Drinking wine while puzzling
Or escaping into fantasy
Radio dramas from the 1950’s
Where aliens suck out all memories
From the human race
Or at least be out and about
Either attempting to be social,
Culturally aware
Or making money
Versus cleaning and
Organizing at home.

“Stop reading and just do,”
A friend who has been
A professional organizer said.

Yeah, but I need the
Visual images of neat rooms,
Shelves and tables to
Inspire me to work towards
Something different
Than what currently
Surrounds me.

I need to learn concrete tips
For starting small
Like clearing off
My dining room table, for starters,
And see this as time well spent
As much as a stalling technique.

Somehow, the urge or need
to expunge away traces of
“My DNA evidence” at
The bathroom sink, kitchen counter
Or any other well used place
Has not naturally lived
Inside me, thus far.

“I’d rather stay up late
And get less sleep to spend
The time needed to
Get my house in order
Than wake up to a messy house,”
I’ve heard people say.

While walking into a tidy room
First thing in the morning
Must feel fabulous indeed,
I disagree with that
As a practice I will
Realistically do.

I look forward to
Hunkering down under
Cool crisp sheets
[I do make my bed every day now–
I’m really quite trainable]
And am fond of getting into bed
Early so I can rise
With the sun
To deal with messes
Of various kinds
When I’m fresh
And in the best mood.

Trying to proactively
Learn new ways of being,
I do a little something
“Organizey” everyday.

One key step to move
Closer to a living
A cleaner existence
Involves getting rid of things
I am not using and
Don’t absolutely love.

I’m making snail movements…
And am gradually amassing
Tote bags full of items
To toss and donate.

Slow and steady might very well
Win this race
Whose finish I will own, at least,
Versus having someone else
Swoop down, outline and
Implement an acronymed system
That surely works
Wonders for them
And their lives.



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