Why Even an Art Infused Air BnB House Can be Dicey

Did you know renting and
Staying in Air BnB housing
Can be dicey and,
After cleaning and service fees,
Does not end up saving money anyway?

Renting houses via Air BnB
Is all the rage
For travel accommodation now.

I reserved what was listed
As a beautiful artist abode
For out-of-town family
Who came for Daughter’s graduation
And had high hopes
That this art infused home
Would be perfect for them.

The owner provided pictures
On the website
Made the house look magnificent!

And, in person, the house was,
In fact, what they listed–
Stylishly decorated, modern,
And possessed the correct number
Of bedrooms and baths
Freshly cleaned.

Even so, what if the mechanism
That cools the house down
(Swamp cooler in this case)
Hardly works
Making the upstairs temperature
Read 95 degrees
No matter what dials or buttons
You press
Per usage instructions?

What if, when you arrive,
You find that the
“Entire use of the house ”
Apparently means
Squeezing our food
Inside a fridge and freezer
Already spilling over
With items that previous guest(s)
Left and thus can be used
Mixed in with the
Owner’s personal stash
Which must not be touched–
Which is which?

What do we do if
The closets are stuffed
With clothes of the house’s family
Leaving very little room
For anything we brought
And might wish to hang up?

What if the stairway railing
Flanking 3 steps down
Is loose so that your
Elderly father, upon reaching for
Support but then finding none,
Slips and falls down hard,
Crashing into the recycling
After cutting his foot
And bruising his hip?

Good God–
A fall like that
Could have resulted in
Broken bones, head injury
And a trip to the ER
If Dad was less athletic
And coordinated.

What then?

Let’s just say this–
I’m less enamored with
Air BnB than I once was.


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