Reprieve–A Night Away From My Own Life


Live jazz
Elaborate cocktails
Fried fancy appetizers
Overflow onto my lap.
Sensory abundance
Gliding effortlessly over
Glass bottomed
Present minutes.

An adults only
Evening out
A corners up reprieve
From reality.
So much good exists in my life
But still…

A few hours
Without much thought
Or worry about expense,
Caloric decadence,
Exhilarates and enhances
The experience
A velvet box
Topped with a glittery bow.

I feel warmed and special
By spirits shaken and iced
Quenching my parched throat

By being dressed up
In a black Mandarin
Collared dress
Splashed by a silver dragon
Cascading down one side
While shod in
Heeled high boots,

By being on the second floor
Looking out onto
One of the newest, hippest clubs
Shimmering aglow
In candle flame.
Stairs softly lit
To guide our enjoyment in
An up and coming part of town
On a Friday spring night.

These stanzas
Generally aren’t me, no,
But I’m here tonight
Consuming drum beaten brass
In full swing motion.

Not often a later night,
Live music fan,
I sit, tonight, mesmerized
Caught up in the flow
Of musical composition
Riding the shape and cadence
Of each note combination,

Living at the edge of
The next groovy set
Barred and decked out
In flecked rainbows
Of melodious sound
And layered possibility.

What a night this has been.

I want to return
To this magic space
Where time stops and
Anxiety din mutes

To feel like a
Well adjusted, successful
And fashionable adult again.


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