Surviving Major Passages in Life-PHEW!

Night winds rise
Setting sun brings
A torrent of rain so brief,
The thunder storm is over
Before we can settle
Into the tone and rumble.

What a full day we had!

Transportation logistics
To the event,
Waiting in line to gain entrance,
Venue seat saving for family
And then remaining in the present
To be wrung out
Riding the joys of Daughter’s
High school graduation–

Celebrating and weeping
With classmates who gave speeches
About academic and personal
Obstacles over come,
Losing a mom to cancer and
About moving on to unknown
And promising futures.

Photographs followed,
Then a large earlier dinner
At a Northern Italian restaurant–
Flawless–Everyone found parking,
The bread came to us still warm,
The cocktails cold and well mixed,
And portions considered
Extremely tasty and ample.

Now, the dishes from ice cream
Graduation cake washed
And put away,
Out of town Family,
Tired, full and satisfied,
Have gone back
To the rental house for bed.

Thorough planning has paid off.
Grateful for how
The day turned out,
I can breathe now.

The girth loosened
Upon reaching the stable
After a long sweaty ride.
I survived this family day
With passable colors.



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