Taking Control of Your Health in 15 Minute Increments–Yes You Can!

Working a Lego Roadshow,
I’ve unexpectedly become a
Builder of sorts
Constructing tiny family room
Furniture sets,
Erecting buildings complete
With doors, windows and
Pitched roofs, mini horse jumps
And racing cars–free form–

I find the process
Surprisingly soothing
In intricate concentration,
Precision and design.

Small young people
Show and tell me daily
How to build stronger,
Faster, smarter.

I learn from them
Places joined together
Where stress and impact
Are greatest
Must be reinforced with
Long skinny plates
That appear to make
All the difference in
How well a car,
No matter what it looks like,
Holds up and stays together
After crashing into the
Ramp’s bottom wall.
Building to make a brick
Jut out ahead of the front wheels
To serve as a bumper
Also helps.

Who knew designing and building
Could be this much fun?

Watching, I marvel at their
Level of concentration
Their spatial creativity
And measured forethought.
I strive to be
More like them.

Sticky hands, many mouths
Spewing coughs and saliva,
Inevitable hair and skin shedding
From all ages,
I’ve caught what I’m hopeful
Will only be a mild spring cold.

Lengthy debilitating sickness
Must be avoided at all costs.
I’ve got shifts to work,
Money to put in the bank
For graduation and
Family visit expenses
As well as house repairs this month.

Therefore, I’ve had to
Take a break from a different
Kind of building–gym work,
Running and swimming–
I’m a 7-day a week gym bum
So I detest skipping!

Stopping workouts
Amounts to a forced
Dropping out of momentum
Within a power groove
Where I’m in touch
With my striations,
Can feel endurance forefront
Amid good health brimming over.

When unable to workout,
I am more apt
To sink into an undefined
Slowing and tamping down
Of body motion and emotions.

Every effort to incorporate
Physical fitness into life
Counts and
Makes a difference
In better breathing,
Increased limberness and
Helps quiet most minor
Body aches as they emerge
While also lifting spirits
In the process.

Swim sessions combined with
Five sets of lifting
And core exercises are
Ideal for me
But actually finishing
Such routines takes
Considerable blocks of time
And thus cannot always be done
When work days span
12 hours apiece.

So, small increments like
15 minutes of core work here,
Tricep push-ups and
Stretching there–
Still help me maintain
Control of my
Core stabilizing muscles
In my abdomen and back,
If no other workouts
Can be done.

But with coughing, sore throats
And fever running rampant
Among others around me
And now starting
To creep up on me,
I’ve had to skip doing
Even these mini sessions
To try to cap the arc
Of any virus
Trying to encroach upon me.

The cellulite army
That I feel marching onward,
The mounting shoulder and neck
Stiffness starting
To accumulate during this
Squishy pillow sinking
And 6:30 pm bedtimes,
Although temporary,
Make me sad….



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