Zip! Another Breakfast Minute–Day 22 of Getting Dressed


Early morning lying in bed
Breakfast thoughts
Get me moving and up.
Feeling my way
Down the dark hallway,
I fumble for the light switch.

Eighty nine cent pancakes
Drowned in sticky syrup
A la Burger King
Energizes one of my coworkers,
Not me.

I dream of toasted bagel
Crispy edges browned
Demarcating rims
Luxuriously smoothed
With cream cheese
Topped with smoked salmon
Audaciously covering
Every whited inch


Vine ripened tomato slices bleed,
Piqued by red onion
Cut into thin rings
Giving the whole musty creation
A bit of zip.

Hands fish about
Moving aside tired sandwich bread
With an amazingly long shelf life
But now, starting to sag, at last,
Handsome baguette
Wrapped in crinkly clear cellophane
Waving a crispy, “Hello!”,

Never used but meant and
Still hope to, rice paper sheets
And whole wheat tortillas
Lying flat at the moment
But waiting for hummus
And roasted vegetables
Or bean and cheese embraces,

I see, to my small horror,
An utter absence
Of holed chewy delivery.

There are no bagels left!

I soothe my disappointment
By drinking hot espresso
As much as I desire
While readjusting.

In the end,
I enjoy a standby favorite–
Whole rolled oats
Made thick and irresistible
With Greek yogurt and almond butter
Mixed in and sweetened
By agave nectar.

Life on this day off
is still good…

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