Zip: Give me Some of that Funky Stuff

Monday am
Within the thick of
Morning rush hour folks
Getting to their office buildings
Coffee cups in hand,
Bent over on phones x me too.

Ok I’m on smooth light rail now
Speeding me southward
To a high end mall
Management likes to call
A “retail resort”
For a longer term promo.

Coffee is life.
Give me that funky zip
Required to be peppy all day,
Almost every day, on hard floor
Playing with other people’s kids,
Cleaning, smiling.

Three days done, 2.5 weeks to go.
I can make it through.
I can do this.

This doesn’t have to be long.
Every post
Doesn’t have to be deep
And reflect spellbinding experience
Or life changing ideas.

I am just saying hello
Because I am glad to be
Flexing written expression again
By entering this arena,
However briefly.

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