Champion Joy List Maker–Day 20 of Getting Dressed


In my determination
To turn away from
Hunched over, rotted darkness
In favor of opening up
To nurture my most creative
And inspired self,
I’ve been diligently scouring
The Internet and books
To find “how to” ideas.

I spend early mornings
By candlelight, searching for
And reading articles
To uncover and compile lists
Of things I’ve determined
Sound like fun or
Provide helpful tips
I want to be sure to remember.

Writers suggest discovering new
And rediscovering
Old, past loved things to do.
They say taking
At least a little time
To do something enjoyable
Stimulates the brain,
Encourages more positive feelings
And can further
A person’s engagement
In her own life.

Committed to giving myself
My best shot,
I find I’m quite trainable.
I’ve taken suggestions to heart
And have actually done
Many brand new things such as:

– Taking a peaceful walk
Through my neighborhood
To drop a handwritten postcard
Underneath the door of a friend
I’ve not spoken to in awhile,

– Bought whimsical flowers to
Brighten up our lives
By dispersing small bouquets
Around the house in
A mish mash of jars and pots,

– Made my first mixed drink,
A Scorpion,
Complete with crushed ice,
Ingredients measured and mixed
In a shaker,

– Successfully reupholstered
A shedding office chair
With decorative duct tape,

– Watched many side splitting
Standup comedy routines
On YouTube to distract
And redirect me away from
Anxious or angry feelings,

– Written short daily gratitudes
On index cards
Along with the day’s date
For later reading enjoyment,

– Watched the sun rise in the park,

– Took long deep breaths
Using guided meditation
Or by listening to
Ethereal elvin music,

– Made lists of entertaining lists
I want to keep such as,
“What does your dream house
have in it?”

– Began listening to audio books
Again, in earnest,
To be able to get through
As many quality, hefty books
As possible,

And so much more.

A champion researcher
Into things of self interest,
I keep looking for
More new information
Every single day,

Changing the words slightly
In my Internet query
To try to net different results
To yield yet more suggestions
On projects to try and
New ways of being
That I’ve not seen before.

But this is getting harder.
I’ve gotten to the point now
Where I’ve already
Read most of the pages
That come up.

I have to admit,
I’m greedy and
Never want the supply
Of new ideas to end.

I have to admit another
Unanticipated thing–
The “high” gained from
The challenge of
Finding appealing new ideas
Is almost greater than
The benefits of
Their implementation.

Thus, though it might seem odd,
I wish the search
For new possibilities
Could be endless,
And ongoing
Just as much as
Becoming the kinder,
More joyful person
Incorporating these projects
And strategies
Are supposed to bring out.



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