Meaningless: Making Life More Fun Right Now with a Doable “Bucket” List

Committed to finding
Experiences that keep me
Looking forward to life,
Continuing to search for
Moments to feel good about,
To appreciate being alive
And well enough,
I’ve come upon lists
People make for things
They want to do
In their lifetimes.
They are apparently called
“Bucket” lists.

Oftentimes though, these lists
Contain fabulous adventures
That require a lot of time,
Money, space or something else
That involves waiting and
Lots of planning.

Sure, I too
Have “larger” interests such as
Being able to walk on top of
The Great Wall of China
Sip Kava while in the Fiji Islands,

But today I’ve
I’ve chosen to compile
Some To-do wishes that are
Waaaay more doable within
The next 6-12 months
As handholds to swing to
Between life’s duller moments
Because let’s face it:

Aspects of life can be difficult,
Boring and can feel
Fun can always be
Stuffed in somewhere into
Everyday life if
Conscious effort is made.

But first, I have to know
How I personally define “fun”
Versus what other people
Think is fun.

So, here’s a first attempt for 2017
(Or ever for that matter):

Make a point of printing out
10 strong/emotionally evoking
Pictures from the computer,
Phone and Dropbox
To display them in some way–
Whether they are arranged
With clothespins and
Artfully hanging,
Made into bookmarks
Or other methods,
Get them visually seen
And enjoyed.

Take a professionally shot
Family photo before daughter
Goes off to college–
It’s “OK” to employ some
Run of the mill portrait studio.
Just get it done.

Go to storage and grab photos
To look through and delight in.

Record some of these old photos
By taking pictures of them
And putting them in the Cloud.
[Learn from the kids
Where the best online
Storage place is and
Make an account.)

Do a cereal eating,
Coffee drinking,
Cartoon watching marathon,
With or without the kids!

Make a blessings/gratitude
Box or jar and write down
One observation every day
About how I’m lucky or
What makes me happy
With the date notated.
These will be read later.

Make and roll dough for
Cut out cookies–
Gingerbread sounds promising.

Learn 3 yoga poses that
I find useful and doable
To incorporate in gym workouts.

Continue to celebrate
Morning peace and quiet with
Writing, reflection,
Deep breathing and
By lighting candles.

Spend quality time “just being”
With the kids’ during
Spring break this week
In the Taos, NM at
The Earthship without having
Many expectations about
What is “supposed to” happen.

Draw something
At least once a week–
Can be a quick sketch of something
I’ve never drawn before.
Just draw.

Enter a writing contest.

Read poetry once a week at least.

Relax, sip and eat at
A comfortable and cool coffee shop.
Linger for a good long while
Just absorbing the atmosphere.

Browse the local bookstore
Just because.

Joyfully decorate with lights
Around the house.

Read one book every month.
(The suggestions I’ve seen
To read and finish one book
Every week isn’t
Realistic for me.)

Learn how to make a mixed drink
I’ve never made before.

Attend a Salt cave session

Get a Hot stone massage

Get a new spa treatment
I’ve never tried before
Such as a sugar scrub

Get a spring outfit for myself.

Horseback ride and
Have horses in my life again.

Finish a 1000 piece
Large piece puzzle.

Start a beautiful regular sized
750 piece puzzle and
Finish that too under
A magnifying glass.

Go to the library and
Look through magazines
In pristine quiet
To get inspired.

Seek out new manageable,
Doable and affordable crafts
And DYI projects to do.
Sources can include
Ideas revisited from
Easy craft books I have
From when the kids were younger–
Why not…
Those are very fun projects
And activities that
I’ve forgotten about.

Relearn and play string games.

Have a candlelight dinner.

Make and serve high tea
In the afternoon.

Read, learn about and practice
Hara hachi bu–stopping eating
And drinking when
80 percent full versus
Eating until overly full.
Aim for that practice
4 days a week.

Make ice cream sandwiches
Entirely from my home kitchen.

Plant something easy

Attend the evening Final Friday
In March at the Art Museum.

Move things around in the house
Shelf by shelf
Drawer by drawer
Cabinet by cabinet
To really see what is there–
Reconsider what
I still need,
What makes me happy,
What doesn’t
And what can leave me.


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