Luck: The “Sort of”s in Life–Day 15 of Getting Dressed


Child of immigrants
Some of the most industrious
People on the planet
I’m not supposed to
Believe in luck.

“You create your own luck,”
Parents have always said
And have lived accordingly.

Still, this morning
I caught a quietly fabulous
Sunrise peaking up over the lake
While walking through the park
On route to my morning swim.

Now, I know my inability
To completely process color
Makes for a stunted
Visual appreciation of
The netted moment.

Even so, oftentimes
I still recognize gorgeous splashes
Of color and texture
When they present,
Looming large, magnanimous.

And yes, someone can be
Partially color-blind.
That is rare, I understand,
But that is me.

“There is no such thing
As being ‘sort of’ color blind.
Either you are or you aren’t–
Kind of like being
‘Sort of’ pregnant.”

Both statements above
Are untrue and are based on
Common, knee jerk
Thoughtlessness, at best.
Unfortunately, I know that
Both “halfsie” conditions
Can exist.

Tissue matter that formed
The makings of a fetus
As well as the altered,
Emerging hormones
Trickling down and out–
That limbo 8 week juncture
Where unexpected rainbow horizons
Became visible but then
Slowly cloud over with
The crushing reality of
Every blood clot,
Qualifies as being
‘Sort of’ pregnant.

The instances where
Certain bright colors
Jump out and move you
So that somehow you
Have a good idea about
What color they represent
(Whereas many other times
This knowledge remains hidden)
Also qualify as ‘sort of’
Being able to see color.

This morning I knew
The Cumulous suggestions
Dabbed onto still water
In dawn’s light was
A beautiful sight to behold
Confirmed by the fact
That someone else
Also stopped to admire
And take pictures.

And the vision I do have
Made me lucky today.


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