Abstract: Desire Reconfigured

Sometimes I want you to feel like
You want to kill me.

Momentary reaching down and in
To rip my heart
Right out of my chest
And hold the beating
Pumping organ in your hand
To eat of it
To sing and delight in
A most eloquent blood bath
A flash afire
Blinding bright
Burning off.

This, for me only
During afternoon haze.
A masculine override
Seeping up and outward.
A fermented secret unrolled
Only through trust.

Post spring rainfall reconsidered.
Wet leaves flat against
City pavement
Form the structure of
Renegade desire bleeding amok
Running fleeting zig zags
Through straight lines
And previously known pathways.

Train wrecked abstraction
Pulsing, pushing onward
Racing breakneck through
Waterfalled rivers eternally
Rushing into chaos.

A new prong of adult play
Of sidelined expression
Supressed into oblivion
Years of conditioning
Blocking and tamping down
What surfaces, breathes now.
Angling towards definition
An unmasking of sorts.

This is me and you



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