Center: How Less Can Be More…Day 10 of Getting Dressed


In my offshore search
For lost shells
I uncovered unexpected
Delights within me
I hadn’t realized existed
But may have always been there,
Formulated from old blueprints
And long lost maps

And I have to say,
I’m beginning to like
The brand new friend
I’ve made with myself
I’m starting to get to know.

She has a capacity for calm,
Previously untapped,
Leaving room for a more relaxed
Physiology to unfold, which,
For the highly strung
Is no small feat.

Fists unclenched, loose
Throat muscles left unconstricted
In turn, give way to
Deeper, judgement free
Breaths, possible to practice
Even during trouble.

Diving among fields of
Sea grasses swaying
In buoyant silence
I’m farther from life’s
Surface noises than I’ve been
In a long time,
Or maybe ever.

I notice and marvel at flora
Fuzzing slimy underwater rock,
Stare, mesmerized,
At the blur of light patches
Marbling with turquoise mystery,
Absorb, through every pore,
Salty musty aromas
Unique to massive ocean bodies
Without wondering
For very long
What other more useful things
I ought to be doing instead
Or how I wished the water
Were cleaner, warmer, quieter
Then surely I’d be happy.
Maybe a kind of mellow bliss
Already exists.

In excavating the center,
I’ve found that living
With intention to do less
In life makes each day
A more joyful book
To open, read and handle
And ends up being
More productive, actually!

When I’m allowing oxygen
To flow freely and fully
Within me
I find pleasure minutes
Available for the enjoying
During each task
I need to accomplish.

I’ve found I’m able
To proceed on to doing
The next thing right away
Because I know
There is something else
Worth experiencing
Right around the corner.
I just have to be open to
The searching.

I’ve been way less
Emotionally caught up
With what others are doing
And posting on social media
Because I’m too engrossed
In the quality of
Joy and kindness
I seem to be able to
Offer myself, lately.

Consequently, I spend
Less time wading through
Social media time swamps
And also reach less
Obsessively for my phone
In attempts to engage
In witty texting volleys
Of which I am a master.

This way, I find I end up
Cooking with more inspiration,
Am able to muster up
Courage to apply for work
I’d like to get
But am unlikely to
With more equanimity,
Make organizing and cleaning
Baby steps to address
Neglected areas of my home,
Though let’s be real.
Social media and texting
Are tools I still
Most definitely use and enjoy,

“I know my traveling schedule
May be enviable”, Someone said.

While visiting new countries and
Experiencing different cultures
Are indeed fabulous,
I’m not actually envious.

I find I also
Look forward to the
1000 large-piece puzzle
I have coming to me
With an irresistible eagerness
Usually reserved for children.

I anticipate the slow,
Peaceful intensity
Puzzling affords
Especially with a
Hot milky tea pot or
Glass of round, fruity
Red wine at hand
And I smile.

Anyway, so far, so good.
I’ve become addicted
To finding ways
To like my life.


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