Rhythmic: Picking Up on the Beating of Fairy Wings–Day 9 of Getting Dressed


In my revived interest to
“Move my hands,”
I inadvertently came across
An article that outlined
Suggested actions to take to
Invite fairies into your life.

Apparently, like me,
Fairies find glittery things
Utterly irresistible!
Making things like
Glitter candle jars
Can bring them closer
Like honey to flies.

So I made a few, pictured above,
And will keep my fingers crossed.

I wonder if I’m
At least part fairy and
Just haven’t known or
Wasn’t open to seeing
Sprinkles of their magic dust
Floating through the air.
Unaware, I may have been
Deaf to the rhythmic
Wispy beating their tiny wings
Because I did not want to hear.
Or, maybe sensing my hostility
Towards their existence at all,
They stayed away anyway.

I read it’s helpful
To display a woodsy
“Fairies Welcome” sign
So that they know for sure
This is a safe place
In which to flourish.
Without this welcome sign
Fairies may feel uncertain
About whether they
Will be well received
In this particular home and so
May avoid visiting altogether.

I’m thinking fairies
Appreciate the presence of
Springy flower bouquets too
So I put some out today.


Who knows what will come
From these efforts.

If nothing else,
My inspiration to hope for
A little magic in life
Will continue to delight
And propel me forward,
Up and out
Of February winter blues.


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