Glitter: Inviting Joy Into Life, Day 8 of Getting Dressed


Days passed in earlier February
During which I have had no choice
But to be a diligent
Joy student learner.

Consciously straightening my spine
Stretching my neck long and tall so the
“Crown of my head pokes through the clouds”,
I’m lucky enough to say
I’ve been to be able to halt
The bacterial decay that
Emotional dying sprouts,
An army whose forces
Had been infiltrating my bloodstream
Curdling my intestines.

Standing at the bay window of my heart,
I part musty curtains
To allow in later-February’s light,
A thawing.

My mood has turned a positive corner
A gentle flipping
Of gooey pancakes to sizzling brown
A trowel overturning potting soil
Revealing an underside’s nutrients
Deep in moist loam and iron richness.

An unassuming eagerness,
A looking-forward-to guest,
Has come to visit.
She may seem a mousey caller
Quiet in her plain aptitude
Dressed in a high collared, button down
Knee-length dress,
But she’s actually
A stronger and underrated
Propelling force in life.

Delighted to host,
Hopefully she’s heading for
A long-term stay with me.

In my search to help lift myself
I read somewhere that
Creating something,
Working with your hands
Feels good,
Can even be life saving.

That looking back to the kinds of activities
Once enjoyed as a child
Can be a springboard
To inviting joy back into your life
As an adult.

So I found a baby-step project to try–
A glitter candle jar that can be made
By following a few manageable and
Unintimidating instructions.


When I’m ready,
I’ll fish out glue and sparklies
To give small glass containers
Second lives
For no other reasons than
The process of doing looks fun
And may yield pretty results.
This idea originated from someone else
And can be found here:

Bogged down by practical sensibilities
Tight schedules and real
And imagined worry,
I convinced myself throughout the years
I lacked sufficient time
For things like this.
After all, what real use
Does making something like this provide?

Of late, I’ve determined that
Giving myself even a little more
Permission for artistic expression,
Just because,
Is time well spent,
A welcomed entrance onto
A softly lit joy stage
Complete with a more appreciative,
Kinder Self.



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