Sound: Memories of a Kitten–Day 6 of Getting Dressed


Today I saved myself
From dying a little bit.

I took a break from
What appears to be an emotionally
Tumultuous horror journey of late
To remember a kitten I once had,
A newly married adult,
My first pet ever.

So tiny and light
About 7 weeks new to the world
He could easily fit
Into my one small hand.

I think back to the moment of
Our first introduction at home.
He poked his head out of a crate
Ears pricked
Whiskers tentatively quivering
He emerged cautiously.

Gorgeously orange striped
With bright white feet,
He energed shivering violently
With fear of who knows what
Of imminent death, maybe
Of being killed right on the spot
By strangers.
Only lengthy petting and touching
Rreassured him and
Stopped the shaking.

He came to us with only 4 teeth
Two fangs on top
Two on the bottom.
To welcome him
I had laid out a big bowl
Of kitten food and water.

Once calm, he sniffed the bowls.
He drank a little
But would not eat.
He just mewed teeny but insistent
Cries that only the smallest
Of kittens still make and
Left his food untouched
That day and night.

Distressed new kitten owners
We were at a loss.
We couldn’t figure out why
He would not eat.
We went to bed mystified.

At some point the next morning
I discovered the reason–
The food pieces were too large
For his four-toothed self to chew!

So I sat on the floor
And broke every piece in the bowl
In half. Viola!
He began eating immediately
As he was hungry by this time.

So gloriously glossy
You could almost see
Your reflection in his lush coat.

In love, I simply could not
Keep my hands off and
Handled him relentlessly–
Laying him on his back while
Stroking his cheeks with my thumbs,
Retracting each and every
One of his claws, just because,
Scratching the top of his head
And sides of his face
Which he absolutely loved,
Burying my face in his
Milk soft underside
As he lay on his side.

I remember the satisfying sound
Of his purr, so loud,
A well-oiled motor, running
So that his mother knew
He was alive and well.

As a kitten, he purred
So long and so often.
He was a happy lively guy then
Often chasing our heels
As we walked
Biting our ankles.

No children yet,
He was my first baby.

Focusing my thoughts on
The memory of his best,
Most adorable self,
Opened my heart up to
Receiving joy again.

This nod to younger, simpler times
Sspread a much needed warmness
Inside me.
I’m glad for that moment.



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