Resist: Pharmalogical Considerations

I’ve just uncovered
The likely reason behind
Why getting out of bed
Has been so hard.
Why staying out of bed
During the day
Has proved so difficult,
Almost impossible
To resist lately, when
I’ve never been
The stay in bed all day type.

“You need the rest anyway,”
Doesn’t work here because
All this inertia has left me
Physically limp and
Emotionally hollow
As I’m built
To run, jump, reach.

While I may have indeed caught a
Second, minor cold,
Turns out, I’m not actually
This sick, tired or depressed!

The combining of multiple
Sometimes dicey,
To treat rib pain,
Post nasal dripping
And coughing has
Literally brought me to my knees.

But I realize now that
I can, in fact, turn the corner
To the next episode
Just by curtailing the use of
Extra strength Tylenol,
The newest addition to my regimen.

I had switched to Tylenol
From ibuprofen in the first place to
Combat an upset stomach
From so much ibuprofen usage.
But I’m at the point
Where I can probably
Get by using less
Anti-inflammatories anyway.

This discovery is a relief,
Something within my power to control.
I already took the bad combination
This morning
Before making the connection but
Feel more confident that I can leave
This exhausting haze behind and
Can cultivate a better,
More lively attitude
By the end of today.

This commentary
May be of no interest or importance
To anyone else, I realize
But may make a huge
Positive difference in my attempts
To begin living again.


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