Lukewarm: Day #4 of the Broken Boned “Wear a Different, Cute Outfit” 30-Day Campaign



Today marks a new week.
I’m determined to leave
Lukewarm paralysis
And return to living
With baby steps up and out
Of the sink hole.

My goals to accomplish today are:

– Clean the bathroom mirror
Shiny and streak free

– Write that list to make
Home feel plenty again
By filling cupboards and freezer
With tasties

– Clean the kitchen (somewhat)
To prepare for incoming
Boxes and bags From that trip

– Draw whimsically–me holding
A fat, unhappy drenched cat
While standing knee deep
In a flooded bathroom
From my dream last night

– Gently get back into the pool
With the lightest of swims.
I think I’m ready.

– Attend a scheduled dance
Performance scored with
A live baroque chamber orchestra

– Greet the day by getting dressed

– Seek and find something
Or someone to genuinely smile at


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