Lush: Game of Thrones Book Project–Day 3


Yesterday marks an ending of sorts.
Detailed note taking for
Game of Thrones books
A two and a half year project.
Every book
Each chapter
To keep similar and
Oddly spelled names and
The intricate relationships
Between numerous characters straight
As well as to ingest
Each plot twist and
Simmering intrigue
More intensely than
Plain old reading through affords.

Who cares, so what?

I care.
Not so much for
What I can do with those notes
Which is likely absolutely nothing
But for the sheer enjoyment
The process of filling up
Notebook after notebook with my
Interpretations and observations
Gifted me.

I felt strong inside for the
Patience and persistence required
Like getting a handle on
Untwining thin chains
Knotted together
Making wearing those necklaces
Impossible, otherwise.

The detail,
The development of
People’s humanity
And thought processes revealed
Complexity of personality.
That few people are
Truly all good or bad.
That misfortune and good tidings
Come to everyone,
Just a matter of when and what.

This knowledge and
Deeper understanding
Gave me an inexplicable sense
Of power as an active reader
Walking around
Breathing in the
Day to day life of this world
Versus skimming the top
To gleam only the notable
Architecture and well known
Activities from a tourist bus
Passing through town.

I wish more
Of life’s experiences
Expectations and living
Could be as lush as this:
Unhurried and regarded
Infused with everlasting subdued



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