Lovingly: The Broken Boned, 30 Day challenge–#1


My ribs are broken
Right side, hand, arm, back
Stiff, weakened,
White pain washes over movements,
Pressing down, turning a knob,
Cutting carrots, coughing
Take my shallow breath away.

Prior to this past Saturday
Emerging from a wicked cold
I was on my way to ruddy vibrancy
Great health
New experiences awaiting
And now this.
A sink back down into bleak nothingness
Giant steps backwards.

Six weeks of climbing out
From under bone restitching
Lie ahead of me
Then more hours to build up to
Becoming steely strong again.
Towards the sun, to horses, running
Working and playing how I chose
Though I suspect
The set of ribs on my right
Will always be more sunken in
From the impact.

Determined not to drown in my cups
Learn from the incident, the accident
And move on,
I have to be kind to myself
First and foremost and
Consider ways to engage in life
How I can
While my waiting to be well
Continues on through February
And March, now.

I’ve decided to do a
“Wear a Different, Cute Outfit”
30-Day Campaign, Just because.
Bothering to get dressed for the day
By lovingly picking
From the many items
I already own that
Move and inspire me then
Matching with appropriate gems
Helps me start the day
With a half-smile.

My threads aren’t
Fancy high-end couture.
Since I’m able to fit into
Children’s clothing
My garb is quite inexpensive.
I’m OK with quantity over quantity
In some areas of life and
Some of my things need to see
The light of day more.

Thus, I might as well cool
My tender swelling
With frozen vegetable ice packs,
Down my steroid inhaler puffs, Sudafed, Ibuprofens, Claritins
And wince with agony
When I laugh or twist

While looking smart.


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