Recognize: Road Maps to Contentment and Peace

Times rise when you allow
Your worst self to shine.
Ripe boils
Furious and fiery to touch.

Pungent words backed by
Spiky resentment give
Cruddy mean spiritedness
An outline, shape and
Fully formed bones
Inclined to run
With rotten sentiments
Unable to stop once started.

Southbound conversations
Split open anger,
Frustrated interaction,
A reaper’s scythe
Knifing into the huge soft belly
Of pirates gerrymandering
A different rig.
Many leaking holes.
Frigid salt water gushing
No mercy,
No grace.
There must be another way.

Unrelenting white sun
Over miles of desert.
A complicit turning away.

Living a beautiful life surely
Involves more generosity,
Not telling someone “off”
By saying exactly
What he deserves to hear.
Bad behavior hurts
The doer as much
As the receiver.

No one else can hand out
Contented peace at Thanksgiving
Like a chair set just for you
At a holiday table laid with
Gleaming silverware and
Steaming platters of pre-made lavish.
You have to host your own Good life.

But how?

Best practice road maps for the
Tormented are less clean,
More difficult to recognize.

Our individual paths
To fulfillment are ours
To search and find.
I know this.
In pained weakness, though, I pine.
I wish I had more help
More meaningful sustenance,
More substantial hand holds
Of hope
Along the way.



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