Overwhelming: An Abundance Filled Life

Blessed with a rare night of 8 hours sleep, I steer hard over rutted train tracks going nowhere to embrace being alive and healthier than I have been.

With prescription medications, I’m able to keep my cough down to kittens scratching at screen doors rather than rip roaring lions interrupting almost every sentence.

I grow stronger and am able to do more at the gym and at home everyday.

Oddly, I’ve become a post viral asthmatic. Thus, steroid and bronchodilator inhalers, allergy pills and Sudafed usage appear to be a regular part of my life now.

Never one to take my health for granted in the first place, the downward slide and then the even longer wait during these past weeks to actively begin my recovery irked me. Now that I can at least start, I am thrilled at the progress I have been making towards become fully well again.

For the past week, I’ve worked out different muscles to soreness, accessing my core, inner thighs, triceps–the soft jiggly parts–and made them to come alive again with work.

To my delight, I’ve been able ride ellipticals for a few short high intensity interval sprints without coughing bouts doubling me over, two days this week. Light Jogging to get to the rec center over a half mile away is another thing I’ve been able to fold in before my daily swims.

Some days I can even clean my kitchen, make my bed, and do a bit of putting things away.

Best of all, my appetite has returned in full force, wolf-style. I’ve enjoyed cooking things like Korean dumplings as well as turkey wraps oozing with melted Muenster.

So you see, even though I have hardly made a dime this past month, my life overflows with overwhelming abundance.


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