Clean: How I Envy the Neat and Tidy



I’ve read you feel better
When your surroundings are
Clean and organized
Unlike mine
Where you can see
Everything you own and
Thus can find items
When you need them
And you even know what you have.

So today I started small
And untangled heaping
Jewelry jumbles
Lamenting the missing
Greeting the rarely used
Mixed in with regularity worn
And the,
“Oh, that’s where that was.
It’s nice to find you again”
To the,
“I totally forgot I even had that!”

Those hours of intensive
Bauble fondling marked
A minuscule square foot
In the miles of crumpled piles,
Jumbled heaps in my life.
There’s filing, file making,
Throwing out
Finding “homes” for things
Putting “like with like”
Dust everywhere.

I’d rather be sipping red wine
Letting the fruity nuances
Ride, float and travel
Up through my sinuses
For my contemplation.


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