Scent: The Shape of Future Opportunities and Outlooks

I’m thinking today will be awesome.
To accept the day’s gifts awaiting,
I pump myself up with espresso drips
Hoping to generate real energy
Not Sudafed jet-blasted edgy movements
But motivated intention powered from within.

I look into skiing Colorado Rocky mountains
With teens this weekend.
More expensive for those
Who fail to plan way ahead
And for the ignorant.
But what are you going to do?

High achieving young adults
Riding various social strata
Need the opportunity to
At least know how to
Make it down a mountain.
Doesn’t have to be pretty
Or expert level
But can you make it down,
Manage to meet up with everyone else
Still standing, mostly dry
With all limbs intact, smiling?

By Mid 30s
Heavied and fat rolled
By a sedentary lifestyle
Compressed down to
Wobbly uncoordinated muscles
From relentless pressure
To bill more hours but also
By a losing attitude that since
Obesity is hereditary
Any efforts to counter the trend
Must be pointless and
Therefore not worth the effort
Made skiing a one-time disaster.

Among a more agile group
Some not particularly advanced,
Skiing down later afternoon,
An impossibility.
We waited as you
Begin moving only to
Fall down completely and wholly
A few feet later
Over and over again.
No choice but to get up, soaked.
The scent of defeat wafting up
From your lathered, shaking thighs
That couldn’t hold you up.
Not even 40 then
Lacking enough strength to
Flex into a wide snowplow wedge
To get down.

We watched
Like viewing a crumpled car accident
You can’t turn your gaze away from
And is horrible to look at.
No one could ski for you.

“I’m done with this.
Maybe ski patrol can
Give me a ride back down.”

Embroiled in rescuing those
Involved in a true bloody emergency
Ski patrol assistance wasn’t available.

“I’ll just walk down the mountain then.”

Late day sun rays fading
With evening’s approach
Standing sideways high up on a mountain
We all weighed this.
Walking downhill in footwear fitted for skis
While carrying long slats over one shoulder
Poles resting on the other
Seemed overly slow, awkward
A bad idea compared to just skiing down.

But how?

At a loss, sis-in-law’s uncle
A burly, hard charging engineer man
Standing about 5″10
Ended up “carrying” your 6″1 self down
The way he once skied with
His kids when small and super young
By having you stand right behind him
Placing your skis inside of
The sculpted wedge his own made
And letting him do the work downhill.

“Never again” you said
And slept almost the whole next day.
Never to venture up and out
On a winter mountaintop
Crisp air, snow dusted trees
Doing something active, different.
Not a crime, of course,
But too bad.

Well, I want better for the kids.


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