Successful: Basking in Others’ Achievements


Yesterday I was genuinely
Happy for the grand opening
Of your studio
Packed and hopping
With enthusiastic supporters.
Treated to live music,
Catered savories and sweets
While holding a wine glass
What’s not to like?

Even though I myself
Had failed miserably
Making a living this way,
I was able to be content
Basking in your shadow
Having trained with you
A few years back,

In high school
Some people were widely liked
Because they were
Actually nice to everyone
Large and small
Familiar and strange
A difficult feat for teens
Trying themselves
To navigate through
Wicked social politics
Of young adults who still believe
The world lies before their feet.

These people were popular
In a”Good way”
And often remain so later.
The rightfully popular
Are known for things like their
Relationship building abilities
A soft, tricky skill
Not taught in any training program,
Clinic or class
But vital to growing
This kind of “auxiliary” business.


“Let’s have coffee together
To catch up.
And, if you ever want
To jump in on a class
Please text me and
You can just hop in for free.”


Having wholly and completely
Left teaching Pilates–
Too much begging and pleading
To please please take lessons with me
While getting silky polite runaround
Or being outright
Blown off and late cancelled upon
I stiffened my vertebrae
Bone by bone and
Moved on to what turned out to be
Other and numerous
Infected career sprints.

A few years later
Removed from Pilates and
Deep into the particular fixings
Of my own life now
Richer, rounder
More confident from baby step
Successes of my own,
My cup is fairly full.

So at the end, I smile
While I wait for you to finish
Chatting with a client
To hug you and say goodbye.



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