Filter: Pausing Before Speaking

We are people who love the
Purity and spontaneity of
Self expression
The freedom to say and do what we like.
This view
The luxury behind the American Way.

Is saying just how you feel
Right when it comes to mind
Always most prudent?

Sometimes, even while engrossed
In something enjoyable
Note taking on Iron Islands culture,
A sparked connecting of dots
An unbidden thought
And then an over mixed
Water colored awareness
Bleeding into and
Muddying a set, bright image.

My mind, saturated, runs with
A downward trend.

There is value
In the art of waiting.
For allowing fumes
Of sour poison to dissipate
To detoxify through a
Reconsidered filtration.

There can be reason to
Stay your hand.
To leave your verbal whip
Coiled, idle
Or drop the handle entirely
If possible,
While you wait
For cloudy intensity to lift

Instead of throwing
An arm overhead and back
In the heat of the moment
To release the metal tip’s lash
Onto the tender back
Of the unsuspecting.

Because, there is almost always
An irredeemable price to pay
In the beheaded aftermath,
An insoluble wreckage.
While retrieving a severed
Head from a spike is possible,
Duct taping back onto the limp body
Does not restore life.

Furthermore, the isssue
If even still relevant
Will still be there
Waiting for you to address,
To meet head on
When you return
Fresher faced and
Rosier cheeked
From your mental vacation,

I promise you.



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