Devastation: Writing Content Reconsidered

Daily writing prompts
Over half a year now.
A telling journey
An unlocking of insight into
My heart.

I’m spellbound
For this self access massage.
A developed pause,
A step aside, away
From the din and rush of life’s
Relentless current.

Part of me revels in
The submerge.
My texture, shape, size and feel,
A naval revolution
Complete with intricate exams to
A single moment
An arc of emotion
A dream or wish
A projection into the future or
A glance back.

Writing enables calm analysis
Robust mental flexion
Constructed order
Amid otherwise
Diffuse internal nebula.

And, working to hone artistry
Feels good.

Part of me shudders though.
Raw ore uncoverings lately,
Sooty, rank
Worry stains deepened,
Pieced anger,
Devastation counted out
Coin by coin.
Frustration demarcated,

Do I want to be here
Under infrared so intense
That the heat burns me with
A touch of insanity?
Should I stay
Safer, lighter
And leave ragged edges alone by
Focusing on the good
The easier and positive?

When I’m deep in a space
So dicey and grooved
Does anyone
Including me
Even want to stomach
Such angstful material?
Is this healthy
Creative expression

Or, is what I’m doing
Akin to an exhibitionist
Obsessed with the scent,
Publicly stripping off underwear,
And asking others to inhale?


I’m like a small monkey
Parting each and every hair to
Probe underlying roots and
Expose follicles to find
Hidden fleas, tics.
So captivated
Hardly looking up
Stopping only to eat.



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