Aesthetic: Post Travel Notes

Returned from a trip of a lifetime,
I marvel at how threads of
Experience, Impression
Stay with me
Make themselves known to me
A tap on the shoulder
Making me turn my head
To glance back
A second look.

Some highlights were
Big the American Way
New, action packed,
Easy fodder for
“What’d you do in Mexico?”
Questions by envious onlookers
Stuck in winter frost.

Sailing into the sunset
Kids, boat side, jumping off to
Swim in the Pacific
Far from any beach shoreline
While hoping to glimpse
Magnificent whale body fragments
Breaking the surface.

We remained luckless.
A different day trip guide had
Mentioned the utter lack of
Whale spotting this year
Perhaps due to negative
Environmental impacts
On their habitats
So their invisibility and absence
Weren’t surprising.

Still, Drawn Treader sailing
Straight into a sunset
Bursting with obscene brilliance
Off the Edge of the world
Into our next warm wind adventure,
All at January’s onset,
Struck me.

Other highlights
“Worth” chatting about include

Group, helmet-less
Horseback running on beach expanses
Free to do what we wanted
Without signing life away on
“I promise never to sue” documents
Atop well cared for
Unusually responsive horses

Tequila distillery and
Farmacia tastings of
Super silky, sulky
Extra anejo formulations
A caliber never had before,
Unlikely to touch my lips again

Tortilla making using a
Traditional press resulting in
Fumbled messes folded over
Onto themselves instead of
Flattened circular perfection
In front of everyone
While on a day tour.

Other notable moments
Less showy more subtle
Abounded too.
Many differences
Food, culture
Aesthetic sensibilities,
Attitudes and ways of being
Soaked up,
Even the purity of
Snail paced leisure days.

So many observations
Fresh and inspiring
A tart lime
Just cut, pulp squeezed,
So much to tell you.

Now, surrounded by a
Sifting through the familiar,
My senses feel dulled.
Bending over laundry piles
Meal planning
Internet access brokering
Resume updating
Job applying
Health insurance wrangling,
English speaking only,

I’m back to swallowing days whole
In bland, unseasoned gulps
Rather than chewing minutes
In wondrous, vibrant bites.

And am left
With significantly less to say.

There appears to be
A post-vacation
“Coming back down” required
A parachute release from
Heightened sun drenched living
Back down to the Real
Regular, coffee-spooned
Tierra on which
Every other day must stand.

Oddly, I need a vacation
From my vacation as I continue
Unpacking my memories
While getting my groove
Back on in the US.
An unarticulated process,
Light switch finding in darkness
That needs to happen,
Harder than anticipated.



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