Someday: On Becoming Vegan

Someday I’ll have
More self control and
Determination to
Eat lighter–less meat and dairy–
Like all the slender vegans out there
On Facebook busy growing their
Aero gardens
Whilst sharing videos of themselves
Sautéing Chick pea tempeh
Curry stir fry,
So good.

Additionally, the meat processing
Industry treats animals
Horrifically before
Murdering their poor souls
In order for us to have
Meat at our tables.
Gruesome videos abound on
Social media to
Show us the inhumane
Processes in graphic detail.
I believe these are true.

One day
Thin and wiry
And 5 pounds lighter,
I’ll whip up
Tomato chick pea spinach salad
Followed by sugar free tofu
Cheesecake and call that
A complete meal
While remaining full and energetic
For hours afterwards.

But at the moment
Meat sustains me
Providing me needed strength
On route
To becoming well.

Anyway, If vegetarian
How would I enjoy a
Magnificent and rare treat like
Dry aged rib eye steak
On the bone grilled to
“Rare plus” in its marbled,
Melt-in-your mouth perfection
So delicately soft
That it’s like eating
A stick of butter straight up?

How could I know how
Delectable beef cuts
Pair with slightly smoky,
Well rounded
Cabernet Sauvignon
From Napa valley?

If vegan
I’d have to pass even on
Luscious sautéed mushrooms
Topped with a glob of
Rich white cheese.

While others devour crab legs
And prime rib at
Holiday get togethers,
If vegetarian,
I’d be stuck picking at
Bean tamales while
Smiling, pretending
They are good
Or have to be satisfied with
Nibbling tempeh shaped
“Meat” slices
Instead diving into
A juicy rack of lamb.

I see the reasons
To forgo meat and dairy and
Know vegan recipes well

But I’m not there yet
And don’t know
If I ever will be.



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