“Game of Thrones, Cartoons and “Lord of the Rings” Marathons

Coughing continues.
Incremental improvements with
Progress like watching plants grow
Leaves me sedentary, weakened and
Running out of life steam
By early afternoon,
Useless by evening.

I observe, with dismay,
My harder, toned gym bound muscles
Turning to wobbly mush
In an idle holding pattern
To recovery.

This floral process proves
Baffling to a charging
Personality filled with January
Hopes and plans.
I worry, unreasonably,
That the month
Is passing me by.

What to do during these half-lit days?

One fantasy is to host my own
“Saturday Morning Cartoons Event”
Where I’d eat
Questionable cereal
I’d never otherwise buy
Filled with sugary pieces
Tinted with colors
Nonexistent in nature
Drowned in milk
And washed down with hot coffee
While zoning out
In a darkened room
To old favorites
like “Road Runner,”
“Bugs Bunny” and “Porky Pig”.

Other home viewing
Possibilities include
A trip through “Game of Thrones” or
Marathon watching of
“Lord of the Rings” movies

All this
While waiting to be well
If I’d only let myself…



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