Tempted: Letting Sleeping Exs Lie

Strange what makes me
Think of you.

January 2017
Smeared by overcast winter clouds
Bursting with menthol cough
Followed by restarts,

Throat clearings

Like you constantly used to do.
Lithe, quick and healthy but
Allergy ridden
Rain, sun, snow, wind.

Holiday season
I wondered how you fared
During a full month
Where American culture
Prizes showy displays of
Festive sociability
Of togetherness over
Heaping dishes of foods you cannot eat
Elixers you do not drink.

T’was the season to
Reach out to contacts
You don’t have
To wish them well and to catch up
Sing secular music you dislike
Buy and embellish gifts
Thus partaking in frenzied consumerism
You find distasteful.

I had a feeling loneliness
Might be consuming your heart
That fingering
Broken family fragments
To piece together
A weakened, cracked relationship with
Dark, troubled Son
While further winter proofing
Against bitter exchanges with X

Might be leaving you threadbare
Longing for sensitive touch
Fingertips along your spine
Hands to pull shoulder blades
Back and down
A stretch from me you once so loved.

I wondered
Without any real temptation
To find out
And left my heart’s lock to you
Now dwindled down to unusable rust



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