Capable: What Bodies Can Do


Riding horses in Mexico
Differs greatly from
US ventures where
Some barns have weight limits.

“Riders must not exceed 250 llbs.”
Horses can only handle so much
Weight on their backs
Across rocky, mountainous terrain
On skinny trails.
Have empathy for working animals.
And, well, we wouldn’t want you to fall
Causing you to sue the barn,
Sorry folks.

Not every US American
With our love of beef burgers
Oozing with melted cheese
Accompanied by French fries
Spilling over giant platters
Along with our desire for
Basin-sized sweetened drinks
To be within arm’s reach
At all times
Topped off by a colossal piece of
Ten-layer chocolate cake
Can ride in the US.

Chances are,
If cellulose upon cellulose
Fat ripples through the folds
Of your leggings
Causing you to lean forward heavily
On your shopping cart handle
For body support
While walking through the store,
Riding a horse isn’t a good idea either.

Chances are,
If your chest and stomach billow over
What appear to be tiny feet
As you struggle to pick up
Something you dropped on the floor,
Riding may be something you skip.

Yet some people cling
To the idea that
That they should be able to
And are capable of doing
Anything they desire.
So they come to Mexico
Expecting to do what is
Unavailable to them in the US.

My private Mexican horse guide
A polite obliging person
Keenly interested in both
Pleasing ranch customers
And making money
Told me in Spanish,
“No, we never turn anyone away.”
The “Gordos” can ride too.

“We have mules, very strong,”
The guide tells me.
“They can carry anybody.”

This large, well appointed stable
Makes a point to accommodate
Any sized, paying American butt,
Every body aesthetic
To make people happy.



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