Uneven: My Day Unfolds


Today my plan is
To cough less

To clean just one shelf
A well used
Oily, gritty
Spice and cooking oil space
To start this year with
Culinary supply area
Cleanliness and inspiration.

To bake apple crisp
In a pie dish
Inscribed with the
Mathematical symbol on the bottom
And the numbers 3.14…
Running along the rim
For everyone to enjoy.

To be so lucky to
Attend a local
Cultural performance in an
Impressive, historic
Opera house downtown.

To applaud my children’s
Latest Endeavors–

Ski rental adventures
With a friend
He heads to the mountains with
This weekend

Red Cross program and
College admission
News and progress.

If I accomplish
All this today,
Even if in uneven increments,

That is enough.


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