Shine: Riding Horses Again, an Inner Light

Luck, great fortune
Embraced me last week
Ahorse, again
After too many famined
Years of dry mouthed
Window shopping,
Always looking
Never eating.

In Mexico
My first ride on
Sturdy, peppy “Tequila,”

Was fabulous
Just me and a guide
Chatting in Spanish while
Wending through jungle terrain
Shaded with unfamiliar
Buganvillia vines and other
Local foliage allowed to grow
Audaciously lush,
Gigantic with moisture.

We clip clop
Side by side
Through cobblestone streets of a
Tiny pueblo
Passing by boys with dogs
Women drying clothes out on lines
People starring, waving.
Looking down from atop a horse
Walking through real lives
I feel a bit like
Unwelcome royalty.

Cars stop to let us
Cross the highway.
We pass pindrop quiet gated areas
Filled with US Americans
Living in large homed
Exclusive beach communities
My guide tells me.

Soon after,
The pinnacle.

Crashing waves of the
Raging loud
Heavy with foam
Beating against the sandy shoreline
Take my breath away.

Salty high sun,
Wind whipping my hair,
We canter stretches,
Back and forth
So free amid stunning ocean

The gelding,
Well fed and shiny
Possesses spirit,
Likes to move.

We cover exhilarating
Lifetime territory of
Recovered wishes,
So old, fragile
Almost forgotten and
Heretofore, had only been the
Stuff of dreams.


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